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VaXXed Vs UN-VaXXed

Posted by Admin on 8/1/2021 to News
Come take a Look at what this RF Reader displays when i measure the frequency off his VACCINATED arm.

VaXXed Blood Clots - A Solution?

Posted by Admin on 7/29/2021 to News
VaXXed Blood Clots - A Solution?
Watch how Ozone Drops react in the body with a Live Blood Analysis! You'll be amazed how the blood changes within seconds! Get your bottle TODAY! 

My brothers VAXXED Neighbors are Magnetic too!

Posted by Admin on 7/12/2021
Walk with me through Galena IL and allow me to tell you a story that seems crazy, but it true. My brothers Vaccinated neighbors also have cell phones sticking to their arms... But little do they know that their days are numbered. 

Accepting Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash

Posted by Admin on 5/15/2019 to News
Accepting Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash
The banks are currently going through "Restructuring" so we are accepting different forms of payment.

Hemp is moving Cannabis to an indoor crop in Oregon

Posted by Admin on 2/19/2019 to News

In a post-Farm Bill world, Oregon is proving to be an interesting test case of the agricultural and economic reality of legal hemp and marijuana coexisting en masse.

My Hemp Cigarettes Review

Posted by Admin on 1/6/2019 to News
My personal review of Hempsmokes, Hemp cigarettes. Short answer...AMAZING!

Accepting Bitcoin & other Cryptos for Hemp-Cigarettes

Posted by Admin on 1/3/2019 to News

Accepting Bitcoin for Hemp Cigarettes & all products.

Hemp Cigarettes are Here!

Posted by Admin on 12/31/2018 to News
We have finally sourced a quality Hemp Cigarette manufacturer from Oregon. They call them Hemp Smokes. 100% Natural Hemp. Contains CBD.

Introducing High Quality CBD Facemasks - Wholesale Only

Posted by Admin on 12/12/2018

Helps fight fatigue, Promotes hydration, and fights free radicals and much more. Read more for details...

US Senate Legalizes Hemp

Posted by Admin on 12/12/2018 to News

It seems the tide is turning and the great awakening is happening! Something some people never thought possible...The us Senate just voted 86-11 in favor to legalize hemp! The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 officially removes hemp from the controlled substances list.

First day of recreational cannabis sales in Massachusetts starts today!

Posted by Admin on 11/20/2018 to News
The first two cannabis stores have opened up in Massachusetts this Tuesday to kickstart the states first day of recreational cannabis sales.

Senator Mitch McConnell Guarantees End To Federal Hemp Ban

Posted by Saga CBD on 11/12/2018 to News

The must-pass legislation is currently being debated by leadership in conference committee.

Will the Trump administration legalize Marijuana?

Posted by Admin on 11/5/2018 to News
With Canada and Mexico legalizing Cannabis, where does that leave the United States? Some say the Trump administration is rumored to tackle the issue sometime after mid-terms. 

Hemp on the ballot in key states, with THC limits and production rules on the line

Posted by Kristen Nichols on 11/5/2018 to News

Hemp changes don’t garner public attention the same way marijuana questions do, but ballot measures in a few key states could have a big impact on those markets.

Record Number Of Candidates Say "Legalize It"

Posted by Admin on 11/3/2018 to News

As polls continue to show that a growing majority of voters support legalizing marijuana, more and more politicians are beginning to embrace the issue, and this year's midterm elections provide the latest datapoint in the ongoing evolution of cannabis into a mainstream political issue.

Mexico's Supreme Court legalizes cannabis for recreational use

Posted by Admin on 11/2/2018 to News

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Drug policy reformers claimed victory in Mexico City Wednesday after the country's Supreme Court handed down two rulings legalizing cannabis for all forms of non-commercial adult use.

How CBD has become the USA's coolest food and drink ingredient

Posted by Admin on 10/12/2018 to News

How CBD has become the USA's coolest food and drink ingredient

Canadian scientists create first Cannabis Beer

Posted by Admin on 8/14/2018 to News

Scientists used the stocks, stem, and roots of the cannabis plant as the base of the beer, replacing the barley traditionally used in the brewing process.

Mexico Could Make History By Treating CBD Like A Supplement, As It Should Be

Posted by Admin on 7/10/2018 to News

As Mexico transitions to a federal medical marijuana program, lawmakers' leeway toward cannabidiol (CBD) could help the so-called "miracle" compound become as common and low-drama as vitamins and minerals.

CBD and Addiction

Posted by Admin on 7/6/2018 to News

There is a small but growing body of evidence that suggests cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating component of cannabis, can aid in addiction recovery due to its effects on memory.

What is State Question 788?

Posted by Admin on 6/27/2018 to News
Oklahoma has passed initiative 788 which legalized Medical Cannabis through-out the state. Patients can now access their choice of medicine that may save their life.


Posted by Nishi Whitely on 9/3/2017 to News

Can CBD help with Parkinson's?